How Pinched Nerves Affect Your Health

What Is A Pinched Nerve?

Your nerves travel from your brain down through your spine and then branch out from your spine to your individual muscles and organs.

The nerves control and regulate these muscles and organs. They make them function properly.

So imagine what would happen if one of these nerves were to get a little squashed or restricted!

Well, when your spine gets moved out of place, either by an accident or injury, or even from sitting too long hunched over a desk, then it tends to squash those nerves!

Have you ever bumped your funny bone? Remember the terrible pain that shoots down to your hand and fingers? The stabbing pain and the numbness afterwards?

That is simply and only because you happened to restrict the flow of the nerve supply to your hand.

It’s easy to see that when you restrict nerve supply you can lose feeling and control in the affected areas, and over a period of time could the affected area could even start to get weaker (this is known as “muscle wasting”).

Eventually they could even degenerate to the point where they get a chronic disease or disorder.

Pain is a Symptom

You may not realise it but in the areas where you feel pain from a pinched nerve, you have probably had a condition there for quite a long time before it got painful.

That’s because the affected area went numb.

Often it goes like this: You get an injury in an area. Maybe you fall and injure your back. It pinches a nerve, which hurts for a while, but then it goes away – it goes numb. The body simply shuts down the sensation in that area. It is trying to protect itself. It has to carry on with life, and so it makes do.

But that nerve is still pinched, and it is still affecting the organs and muscles it is connected to. Little bit by little bit these areas are suffering from the lack of nerve supply. And what’s more, the nerve is probably getting more and more blocked, because the way your body tries to compensate for the condition is by restricting motion. So it restricts that area of your spine, starts to form calcium deposits on it, and cuts off the nerve more and more!

After a very long period of time the body can no longer handle it, and serious pain or a chronic condition emerges. This can seem to come from nowhere!

By this point, it is already a long-term condition, and so it will require a fair bit of work to return it to the optimum.

Ideally, if it had been handled early, it would not have taken all that long to remedy. But this is usually before the chronic pain sets in!


If you find yourself in this category, do not despair!

Chiropractors all over the world have been working with correcting this condition for over a hundred years, and they achieve great success.

Rather than put it off forever, go and see a chiropractor, and see what can be done to correct your pinched nerves. Because they can be corrected!

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